HiveMQ Enterprise Extensions

HiveMQ Enterprise Extensions are extensions for HiveMQ that provide a scalable, secure, and stable out-of-the box experience. Enterprise extensions require a license for production use and are licensed separately.

The HiveMQ Enterprise Extensions are only available for the Professional and Enterprise editions of HiveMQ. The HiveMQ Community Edition does not support Enterprise Extensions.

The following HiveMQ Enterprise Extensions are available:


All HiveMQ Enterprise Extensions come preinstalled with your HiveMQ platform release bundle and are disabled by default. To enable a HiveMQ extension, locate the desired extension folder in the extensions directory of your HiveMQ installation and remove the DISABLED file (if present).

If you do not provide a valid license, HiveMQ automatically uses a free trial license. Trial licenses for HiveMQ Enterprise Extensions are valid for 5 hours.

For production use, you need a valid commercial license.
For detailed pricing and license information or to request an extended evaluation license, please contact our sales team.

If the license for an enterprise extension expires and no other valid HiveMQ license for the extension is present, HiveMQ automatically uses a free 5-hour trial license. When the trial license expires, the extension is disabled. After you update the expired license, you must remove the DISABLED file to reactivate the extension.