HiveMQ Cloud

HiveMQ is the industry leader for enterprise-ready, beautifully scalable, large-scale IoT deployments with MQTT. We help companies connect things to the Internet. Our MQTT-based messaging platform ensures fast, reliable, and secure movement of data to and from connected IoT devices for companies around the world.

HiveMQ Cloud Features

HiveMQ Cloud is a fully-managed, cloud-native IoT messaging platform that makes trustworthy and scalable IoT device connectivity simple:

  • Create a cluster with just a few clicks and connect your IoT devices. No installation or server management required.

  • Reduce your risk of operation. HiveMQ professionals with years of experience managing large-scale, mission-critical MQTT broker clusters maintain HiveMQ Cloud for you.

  • Automatic scaling to meet your demands smoothly with superior clustering technology that ensures high availability and reliability for all your IoT devices.

  • Enterprise-grade security from the ground up. Dedicated infrastructure with replication across different data centers, TLS communication, device authentication/authorization, and 24/7 professional support.

  • Easy connection and integration with no vendor lock-in. HiveMQ Cloud is 100% compliant with the MQTT specification.

  • Custom cluster URLs to support your individual use case and branding.

  • Transparent pricing. No complicated service calculations and hidden costs.

Available features and pricing vary based on the HiveMQ Cloud option you choose. For detailed information and a comparison of all the HiveMQ Cloud plans, see HiveMQ Cloud Pricing.

Get Started with HiveMQ Cloud

The best way to learn more about HiveMQ Cloud is to follow our HiveMQ Cloud Quick Start Guide and take a few minutes to spin up your first HiveMQ cluster.