HiveMQ Introduction

HiveMQ is a world-class, enterprise-ready MQTT platform that provides fast, efficient, and reliable movement of data to and from connected IoT devices.

HiveMQ fully implements the MQTT protocol (the standard messaging and data exchange protocol for IoT). Additionally, HiveMQ is 100% Sparkplug compatible. Sparkplug allows smart manufacturing companies to get the most out of their IIoT deployments by adding additional context to MQTT data.

The HiveMQ platform is built from the ground up with maximum scalability and enterprise-grade security concepts in mind. Through 100% compliance with the MQTT specification, HiveMQ is a worldwide leader in the professional adoption of all the possibilities the Internet of Things has to offer.
As a member of the OASIS committee, the HiveMQ team has been directly involved in the creation and release of MQTT 5.0, the newest version of the MQTT protocol.

Complete MQTT Compliance

HiveMQ is 100% MQTT compliant and implements all MQTT features for single node and clustered deployments.

Supported MQTT versions

HiveMQ fully supports all MQTT versions:

Supported MQTT features

Here are some of the popular MQTT features HiveMQ supports:

  • Retained messages

  • QoS 0

  • QoS 1

  • QoS 2

  • Clean & persistent sessions

  • Queued messages

  • Last will and testament (LWT)

  • Dynamic topics

  • Wildcard subscriptions

  • Username / password fields

  • MQTT client takeovers

  • MQTT ordered topic guarantees for QoS 1 and 2

  • MQTT client load balancing with shared subscriptions

  • User properties & reason codes

  • Payload format descriptions

  • Session & message expiry intervals

  • and more

Additional MQTT Tools and Features of HiveMQ

The HiveMQ platform is designed to be ultra-flexible so it can be integrated with virtually every existing enterprise system. The HiveMQ extension framework provides an open API that allows developers to create custom extensions for their specific infrastructure.
Here are a few of the additional tools and features the HiveMQ platform includes:

Third party MQTT libraries
The additional features that HiveMQ provides are compatible with most MQTT client libraries (including the HiveMQ MQTT client).