HiveMQ Control Center

The HiveMQ Enterprise MQTT broker can handle millions of concurrently-connected MQTT clients and a throughput of billions of messages per hour.[1]
This massive load of clients and messages can be challenging to manage and monitor. To simplify the operation of MQTT deployments of every size, HiveMQ provides a specialized control center that gives you quick and relialble access to the key metrics of your HiveMQ installation.

In the control center, a wide range of analytics allows administrators to closely examine information for each client and quickly identify irregular client behavior. For example, easily recognize a client that drops messages.
The control center also provides a convenient way for administrators to complete administrative tasks such as disconnecting a specific client. Consistent with HiveMQ principles, the control center is designed to smoothly scale to millions of concurrently-connected MQTT clients.

Although the HiveMQ control center provides a wide range of information, it is not intended as a replacement for a full monitoring solution. Many suitable monitoring solutions are avaialble and we strongly recommend that you use a complete monitoring system in conjunction with HiveMQ. Various ready-to-use extensions for popular monitoring solutions are available as pre-built extensions.

Getting started

The HiveMQ control center automatically ships with HiveMQ and is enabled by default. No additional installation is required.

Enable Your HiveMQ Control Center

In the default configuration of HiveMQ, the control center is enabled. To disable the control center, set the <enabled> option to false.

Enable the HiveMQ Control Center
<?xml version="1.0"?>

View Your HiveMQ Control Center

The HiveMQ control center is part of the standard HiveMQ distribution and is a web application that you can access from your browser. You do not need to install any additional software on your computer to use the HiveMQ control center.

If a HiveMQ instance is running on your local machine and the default configuration of the HiveMQ control center is enabled, you can navigate to the http://localhost:8080/ URL to view your control center.

The default login for the control center is username admin and password hivemq.

Based on your particular HiveMQ setup, the URL for your HiveMQ control center can vary. It is also possible to configure the control center to be available via HTTPS. Contact your HiveMQ administrator for specific connection details.

For security reasons, the default setting of the HiveMQ control center only listens on the local network interface. To access the HiveMQ control center from another computer, you must modify the default configuration.

All available configuration options are listed in the Access Control chapter.