HiveMQ Control Center in the cluster

The HiveMQ Control Center is embedded into the HiveMQ process. This means that every HiveMQ cluster node is running its own HiveMQ Control Center, which can be accessed separately. Each HiveMQ Control Center will give you access to the information for the whole cluster, so you do not have to access multiple HiveMQ Control Centers to get the insights you need. All data is automatically collected from other nodes in the cluster when needed. The HiveMQ Control Center can be used without needing any knowledge about the underlying cluster setup.

Behind a load balancer

It’s possible to access the HiveMQ Control Center through a load balancer.

For that it is crucial to ensure that all access requests from one user get routed to the same HiveMQ node each time. When the node changes for a new HTTP request the session of the user is lost and the HiveMQ Control Center can’t be used properly.

If the load balancer you are using offers a sticky session feature, enabling that feature should be enough. Otherwise check your load balancer’s manual for ways to ensure distributing HTTP requests to the same node each time.

Another possibility is to bypass the load balancer, when accessing the HiveMQ Control Center. For this purpose it is important you configure the listener for the Control Center in a way that allows external access. With this route it is sufficient to have 1 of your nodes running with an enabled HiveMQ Control Center and to disable the feature on all other nodes.