HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension

The HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension (ESE) expands the role, user, and permission-management capabilities of HiveMQ Enterprise and Professional editions. ESE allows you to use different sources of external authentication and authorization data to authenticate and authorize MQTT clients. In the ESE, you define realms to partition your server into protected areas that can each have their own authentication and / or authorization scheme.

The ESE processes incoming client connections in highly configurable pipelines that offer customizable stages to handle the authentication and authorization of your clients.

HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension Architecture
If you are unfamiliar with MQTT and HiveMQ security concepts, we highly recommend our MQTT Security Fundamentals blog series.

Features of HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension


If you do not provide a valid license, HiveMQ uses a free trial license automatically.
Trial licenses for HiveMQ Enterprise Extensions are valid for 5 hours. For more license information or to request an extended evaluation license, please contact HiveMQ sales.
For step-by-step installation information, see HiveMQ Enterprise Security Extension (ESE) Start Up Guide.