HiveMQ Extension Development


The HiveMQ ecosystem consists of numerous open-source and commercial tools and solutions that make it possible to move data from device to cloud in a secure, reliable, and scalable manner.

The HiveMQ open-source platform includes the open HiveMQ Extension SDK, HiveMQ Community Edition (CE), our MQTT Client library, and other tools.

The HiveMQ enterprise platform includes the HiveMQ Enterprise Extension SDK, the professional and enterprise editions of HiveMQ, and several powerful enterprise extensions.

Our flexible extension framework provides an open API that allows developers to create custom extensions that suit their specific infrastructures. The HiveMQ extension framework gives you the ability to seamlessly augment HiveMQ broker functionality with custom business logic. Use the framework to integrate HiveMQ with virtually any external system. The superior extensibility of HiveMQ ensures that your MQTT broker is able to deliver the right fit for your particular environment.

HiveMQ Community Extension SDK

The open HiveMQ extension framework adds many types of functionality:

  • Intercept and manipulate MQTT messages

  • Integrate other services

  • Collect statistics

  • Add fine-grained security

  • and much more

For more information, see HiveMQ Community Extension SDK Services.

HiveMQ Enterprise Extension SDK

The enterprise version of our extension SDK enriches the HiveMQ Extension SDK with additional functionality that supports features of the HiveMQ professional and enterprise versions:

  • Add custom views to your HiveMQ Control Center

  • Improve cluster communication

  • Implement fine-grained user access to the HiveMQ Control Center

  • Achieve scalable and reliable processing of incoming MQTT messages

  • and much more

For more information, see HiveMQ Enterprise Extension SDK Services.

The HiveMQ Enterprise SDK makes it possible to integrate HiveMQ into your existing enterprise system in a way that can accommodate even the most demanding use cases without compromising HiveMQ’s outstanding reliability and scalability. The signature module of the enterprise SDK protects the integrity of your code.

Ways to Explore the HiveMQ Extension Framework

Prerequisites for Building a Custom HiveMQ Extension

  • Basic understanding of the Java programming language

  • OpenJDK 11 or higher is required. OpenJDK 21 is recommended.

  • Gradle or Maven

  • Docker (optional, for testing)

To facilitate your development process, we strongly recommend that you use a Java-development IDE such as Eclipse or IntelliJ.