Data Hub On Edge

Data Hub is available on HiveMQ Edge and offers the same functionality as for the HiveMQ Enterprise broker. For detailed information, see our Data Hub Quick Start Guide.

Data Hub Configuration on HiveMQ Edge

Data Hub on HiveMQ Edge can be configured with the following settings:

Example Data Hub on HiveMQ Edge configuration
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

The example configuration enables all three main components in Data Hub by setting their respective flag to true.

Data Hub in the HiveMQ Edge REST API

The Data Hub portions of the HiveMQ REST API and the HiveMQ Edge REST API are identical. All available API interactions work the same way.

However, access to the HiveMQ Edge REST API requires JWT authorization. For more information on JWTs in HiveMQ Edge, see HiveMQ Edge API . An example to obtain a token is shown using cURL.

User Interface

Data Hub on Edge provides an easy-to-use way to manage policies, schemas and scripts.

List Data Hub Resources

In the screenshot below all available resources like policies, schemas and scripts are listed with additional information such. On the left-hand side, further actions per resource can be executed, such as downloading, or deleting the resource.

Downloading in particular is very helpful when transferring the resource from a testing environment to a production environment. However, all these actions can be executed via REST API as well.

List Data Hub Resources

Data Hub Policy Designer

Data Hub on Edge provides a Policy Designer, a visual tool to build resources. The Policy Designer is built to offer a completely revamped user experience. With the help of the designer, users can effortlessly build policies, schemas, and scripts all from a single view. Users can easily open the designer via the menu, as depicted in the screenshot below.

Policy Designer

JavaScript Editing

The Policy Designer provides an easy-to-use JavaScript editor with syntax highlight shown in the screenshot below directly editable via a browser.

Policy Designer JavaScript Editor

Schema Editing

Schemas can be easily created using the editor for JSON and Protobuf. Protobuf schemas can be directly edited without any compilation locally on your compute. The Policy Designer takes care of the compilation.

Policy Esigner Schema Editor

Keyboard Shortcuts

For easier and more efficient interaction, the following keyboard shortcuts are supported:

Keyboard Shortcuts